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Avoiding gyms all my life I decided to try personal training four years ago at 70 to help tighten some flabby, sagging muscles and become more regular with cardio workouts.  I was most fortunate to run into Andreas. By incorporating a lot of laughs and a variety of exercises my negative attitudes toward working out changed dramatically to actually looking forward to our sessions.  Andreas took a very personal interest in helping me with my goals and would plan the hour workouts ahead of time and keep notes on my progress.  Such attention to detail along with his incredible knowledge of his craft won me over to his being someone I could trust and know that he would consciously and consistently develop a program geared personally for me.  Besides being very adept at his craft of physical training he is also acutely skilled at reading and being present to the emotional changes, that at times were painful, as old memories surfaced due to the increase of movement and resistance training.

Joe Ganley, 74


Four years ago I had regular migraines and all the aches and pains that went with my age. I couldn’t turn my head fully from side to side and physical exertion was exhausting. After seeing myself in a video I made the decision to sign up for personal training and met Andreas. I
haven’t had a migraine since I started working out. I now have full range of motion and no aches or pains. I have plenty of energy and stamina and I lost 10 pounds almost immediately just by toning up. Andreas is very knowledgeable in his field. He fully understands the human body and what it needs to be healthy. He knows what your body is capable of and he makes sure you can do it. If
you have limitations he knows how to tailor a workout so you’re still getting what you need. Working out with Andre was the best health decision I ever made and I am grateful every single day.

Eileen HP, 68


Why do you train with Movemeant?

Because Andreas tailors the workout for me, and he makes it safe and fun! And having a set schedule with him makes me commit to a routine of regular exercise.

What results have you gotten?

I've improved my strength and have reduced or almost no pain from the osteo-arthritis in my neck.

What do you like the most about training? 

When I say "ooh, my knee is suddenly bugging me" (even if it's during a workout), Andreas knows just what to do and every time (so far) what he has done or suggested has alleviated the problem right away.

What advice would you give to people who are considering training with Movemeant?

Make a commitment to yourself and sign up with Andreas! You are worth it!

Whitney Brice, 55

I have been working out with Andre since 2018, and am now in better shape than I’ve been in years. My strength and flexibility have improved greatly and I have more energy than I hadbefore I started. I’ve even lost weight over the past year during the pandemic!
I fell on the ice and broke my wrist 2 years ago, and Andre helped me to keep it mobile and strong as it healed. As a result, I am able to do pushups flat on the floor without any pain.
Andreas is well-versed in biomechanics and has an amazing repertoire of exercises for all
aspects of fitness. We have worked out in the gym, outdoors, and more recently online, and healways makes the most of whatever is available to optimize the workout. He knows how far he can push you, but he also watches very carefully to ensure proper form and minimize the risk of injury.
I highly recommend Andreas as a trainer for anyone, regardless of your age or level of fitness!

Al Power, 67


I’ve been training with Andreas for a little over 3 years now, including all throughout the pandemic. Because of his help, I was one of the few people I knew who didn’t gain weight during quarantine! He made it easy to switch over to a virtual workout format, writing me both personal training and meal programs. He has helped me focus on my goals of building strength and stamina, truly improving the overall quality of my life! I would recommend him to anyone, because he has something to offer everyone.

Nicole Iaquinto, 33

Andreas has been training me for over a year and a half, and in that time I've grown stronger and more confident in my physical abilities. But any trainer can do that. What makes Andreas different is that he is terrific at reading me and seeing what I need in each session. Sometimes I'm tired and need him to take it easy on me. Sometimes I'm ready for more of a challenge. Sometimes I need him to listen for a bit while I talk through whatever is on my mind that might be getting in the way of my workout that day. I have a ton of physical limitations that require Andreas to come up with creative ways to train the muscles he wants to target, and he has met this challenge with enthusiasm. He has never made me feel bad for being limited, and instead he is so very encouraging. He's the best cheerleader a person could ask for!

Sue Zuris, 46

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